Hopes for 2010 and beyond.

2010 has arrived. I can't believe a new decade has come and an old one has gone. It seems just a few years ago that we were watching 9/11 happen, although when I put it into perspective, that is, I was in grade 11 at the time, it seems like a distance away.

Im not really a religious person, although I was a once professed christian, I hope for something spiritual hit me this coming year. Its not that I am arrogant against religion, but its just that some things I just cant believe in.

There's a lot of things that are messed up with my life right now. Much of it stems from when I was a baby when I suffered a stroke. The effects of that are still felt today and I think will continue to be felt in the future. This is because I suffered permanent paralysis on my right side because of damage to my brain on the left side. Medically, I suffer from seizures because of it, and although they are well controlled at the present moment, there always lingers the fear that it can strike at any moment. Secondly, I feel like the ability for me to memorize things such as school work was very hard. Sure, memorizing everyday things is not a big problem, but when it comes to school work and I have to memorize a bunch of stuff for different courses, then its a struggle. Because of this, my performance in school is lets just say lack luster. For someone like me who is aspiring to go into grad school and scientific reseearch, its a daunting feeling to have at the back of your head that even though you have a degree, its not worth much because of the bad grades.
Thirdly, my social life is next to nothing. I didn't slack off during my university years (meaning I tried my best), and because of the dedication I put into my studies, I practically had no social life. Nevertheless, as you can probably see a bit from where I am coming from, its a miserable and scary road ahead.

Even though with all of these troubles, I hope that 2010 and the years ahead will bring some kind of open door for my career opportunities and social life.

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