Windows 7 , and life updates

I have been using Windows XP on my Dell for as long as I can remember. I never switched to Vista because of the hassle of trying to learn the new interface. As well, as time went by, I heard many people complaining that Vista was a bad OS release, which made me glad that I didn`t upgrade. Now that Windows 7 is out, I decided to upgrade the family computer to 7. This computer used to have Vista on it, which I used for maybe a week or two. I understood a bit of what people were talking about when they said "Vista is terrible!". Well I didn`t think it was terrible, but it did annoy me a bit. After working with 7 for a week now, I don`t think I will ever want to switch back to a previous OS. The number of neat options that they have put on this has really impressed me. Although, for my other computer (the one I used to use for university, and now for work) I dont want to take the chance of installing a new OS and going through the hassle of reinstalling all of the programs, not to mention the nightmare I might have to go through incase something went wrong. On top of that, my computer is old! It only has 80 gigs. Installing the OS and putting my music and pictures and programs on there will leave me with like 10-20 gigs of free space left which is not worth going through.

With other news, one of the researcher`s I emailed for graduate school was really impressed with me regardless of my marks. Im going to see him again in a few weeks to discuss about different things. Thats obviously not a shoe in for me to get into graduate school, but its good to keep in touch to have that option open. My plan B, which was applying as a non-degree student, in order to upgrade my qualifications for grad school is unknown at the current moment. My top choice was rejected but I am in the process of appealing. Hopefully that works out. Maybe they will be more leanent because its not like I am applying in order to complete a degree. I applied to other places but Im still waiting to hear from them. The waiting and not knowing where I am going to be in September is annoying.

Other than that, things are going good at my current research placement. I am gaining a lot of experience and working hard with the other students.

Wish me luck that something will work out and that Im not just doing nothing when September comes!

Thanks for reading! :D


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