Freedom Writers

Two nights ago I was watching a movie called "Freedom Writers". Im not a tv or movie person at all but I was flipping the channels and landed on this. I really like shows/movies which hit deep. Here is the synopsis.

When life isn`t going as planned and feeling like it cant get anymore miserable, watching this movie made me feel thankful for just being alive and making it as far as I am. Even when I am surrounded by superiors at work who have well moved along with their career, watching this movie dropped me to the group. The movie made me think that the situations that even I am going through are not as stressful and depressing as it looks. So even if you think that life cannot get any worse, think about people who never even had a chance to live a life and were put down for no reason of their own, but because of other`s interest. It made me want to read the book that was introduced "The diary of Anne Frank". I looked at the library available for this but there are many people who have holds on this. Ill get to reading this no matter what. This isnt something that I can just forget and leave it. On a side note, I thought Hilary Swank looked really cute.

Watch it if you havent!


Holly Renee March 5, 2010 at 12:22 AM  

I saw this movie a little bit ago. I think it is inspiring as well. It shows how far people, especially youth, can go when someone believes in them. Thinking about it makes me a little warm and fuzzy inside.

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