Winter holiday vacation

From December 26 to the 29th, we went on a small vacation to Banff, Alberta. Usually im not too excited about snow because it snows in the city I am from, but this year, just like some of the past years, there has been little to no snow. It gets bitterly cold, but then when some precipitation was supposed to come in the form on snow, the temperature is above 0, so it falls as rain. Therefore, not much snow on the ground here, which made it more exciting to be in Banff for a few days to see all the snow and the sites. Since Lake Louise isn't a far drive from Banff, we took the rental car there to see the famous mountains and Lake Louise hotel. This is where I took this picture. I guess once I get into the groove of blogging on a regular day by day basis, and when work starts back up again, I can look back to this picture and dream of the relaxing and nice time I had there with family.

Im still learning a lot about photography - about the various exposure modes and how I should be using them. I love my Rebel T1i (EOS 500D). It takes great pictures and the lens is great (EF-S 17-85). Im working on the different depth of field, and the types of pictures I can get by doing a short or long shutter speed. Its an interesting time to be playing around with all of these settings to see how exactly it works.


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